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TVF The Walking Dead Review: We Need to Talk About Lizzie

I’ve accepted the fact that The Walking Dead Season 4 is pushing a plot driven story to the side and attempting to provide character-focused installments instead.

And while it’s good the series is trying to build up its large cast, it can still feel hit and miss.

Certainly, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 was a divisive hour (and one that seemed to drag on), but it was the final moments that people will be talking about.

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alycakes2779d ago

Well, this was one of the most depressing episodes in a while. At the same time I knew there was something wrong with her and I thought Carol was covering up for her and that she knew she was like that.

Soldierone2778d ago

The second part of this episode was insane. I don't think they needed an entire episode for it though. The first half hour or so was easily making it one of the most boring episodes ever....

Lizzie during her scene totally saved it though. That was epic!

aDDicteD2778d ago

one of the best episodes of the season. i knew the other sister would end up dying in a bad way but i did not know they would end lizzie's character that fast and ultimately only serves foe carol's character development, they could have prolonged the tension with keeping lizzie alive.