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Black Sails Season 1 Finale Review - AMHNetwork

"You owe it to explore this season, and this episode just served as a highlight. We’ll be back for season 2 so go ahead and enjoy Black Sails."
An extract of AMHNetwork's review of VIII - The final episode of season 1 of Black Sails
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thorstein2772d ago

I watched the 1st episode and thought, Wow, I already beat Assassin's Creed Black Flag why would I want to watch it.

But, it was fun, until something really, really annoying appeared: Perfect Teeth. I think the subtitle should be Black Sails Pearly Whites.

People back then just simply didn't have perfect teeth. Look at Disney's Pirates movies, look at the Walking Dead. It isn't difficult to have people sport "rotten teeth" as dramatic makeup, but shiny whites every time they open their mouths looks ridiculous.

SITH2772d ago

Although dental hygiene was absolutely no where near the state it is today. In the 1700s when black sail takes place, dental hygiene methods were employed and dentists did exists. And no, they did not have perfect teeth, just like everyone did not have bad teeth. Diseased teeth have been removed from people's mouth since 2900 BCE.

Suspend reality, and enjoy the show.