DC Cinematic Universe Complete Timeline including Arrow, The Flash & Gotham

Here is a complete timeline list of the DC Cinematic Universe. It connects events from both The Flash and Arrow TV Series to Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman!

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Anthotis2068d ago

That's a pretty cool write up of things, but i seriously doubt they will connect the movies and the series'.

With the way things are going with the casting in movies i.e. Affleck, Gadot, Eisenstein, i think i'd rather keep them separate from an excellent series like Arrow.

krazykombatant2067d ago

I was prrrreeeeetttttyyyy sure they said that Arrow universe will never touch the movie DC universe. Also, I'm pretty sure that the green lantern movie is gonna be forgotten.

The Rock has been linked to being the new green lantern.

DarkBlood2067d ago

Not if the fans have anything to say about that. Even amell express wanting to be in the justice league so with enough pull theres a better chance of that happening

instead of creating a new arrow fan base why not pull in the existing ones into theatres?

E2S2067d ago

It would be stupid to ignore Arrow at this point. It's super successful, probably even more than DC hoped. I heard it's one of the highest rated shows in the UK too.

Amell is age-appropriate and would fit in well with the line-up they're building.

MysticStrummer2067d ago

Arrow is successful? Wow. What I saw of it was awful.