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WASDuk Review: Haunt

Haunt (aka Haunter) will be released in Singapore next month. WASDuk's Chris Patton rolls his eyes:

"Geez. Where to start? All of a sudden, a family moves into a cursed house and they know it. The oldest son, Evan (Harrison Gilbertson) finds a young woman crying in the woods and she turns up the next night in his bed without him knowing how she got there. Her name is Sam and she has knowledge of a machine that is hidden in his closet, which let’s people chat with the dead, so they do. Suddenly, as Sam (an always smiling Liana Liberato) showers, black hair creeps around her feet, an overly used Ringu and Grudge trick, and, inexplicably, the talented Ione Skye sits Sam down for a mom-to-breaking-and-entering girlfriend chat about how it’s cool that she’s banging her son and living with her family after one night in the woods and one night in the house."

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CursedHero2585d ago

Has anybody else reviewed this? I don't often see zeroes @_@