A Need for Speed: Interview With Scott Waugh And Aaron Paul

Fast cars and big explosions. These are the things that the movies are made for. Ever since Steve McQueen tore around San Francisco in Bullitt, filmmakers have desperately tried to one-up each other on screen with vehicular mayhem. In the 70s, it was all about gleefully dangerous street chases like The French Connection or Freebie And The Bean. In the 80s car chases turned into slapstick after The Blues Brothers. In the 90s, every movie created by Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, or both featured the most expensive cars around doing the most stupidly dangerous stunts possible (Bad Boys, The Rock, etc). The 2000s, well they’ve been run by the increasingly insane Hot Wheels shenanigans of the Fast & Furious series. Enter Scott Waugh. The lifelong stunt man learned the trade from his father (who had him doing dangerous work on film from his teens) and has been involved in everything from Last Action Hero and Waterworld to Spider-man and Bad Boys II. Following the military action flick Act Of Valor, Waugh became a director and his next goal was to use his stunt expertise to helm a wild n’ hairy car chase picture.

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