Captain America The Winter Soldier's Sebastian Stan & His 9 Picture Deal


In Captain America The Winter Soldier, the Winter Soldier himself is less a man, and more a force of nature.

The Soldier is silent, relentless, and driven. He’s also ably played by Sebastian Stan, a man who fits easily into the role. Stan played the Soldier’s alter ego, Bucky Barnes, in the previous Captain America: The First Avenger.

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Crazay2100d ago

SOunds to me like Mr.Stan is going to be busy for the next little while

DarkBlood2100d ago

9 picture deal? thats more then Chris Evans deal. does this possibly mean what i think it does?

Crazay2100d ago

The question is: Can they execute it correctly and can he take a leading role?

anonjohn232100d ago

They're already setting up for when he becomes Captain America for a while. Nice! Hopefully that means we'll see the Civil War story line happen.

cell9892099d ago

I like what I'm reading, it means we'll be seeing a lot more Winter Soldier