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The original 300 was a visually striking film. From its silhouetted imagery that miraculously mirrored the pages of the graphic novel it was based on, to director Zack Snyder's trademark slow motion action sequences that would eventually become the most overused effect in Hollywood since The Matrix's bullet-time, the film was rightfully praised for its bold and unique look. Sadly, that is the only thing that has held up over time (well, that and those abs), as other areas such as its over reliance on action and style over substance have proven to be an unfortunate hindrance to a film that at one time was hailed by many as a violent work of art.

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aDDicteD2098d ago

it is a good rating and review for me. i am now really persuaded seeing this by next week,i really like snyder films and a lot of reviews pitches eva green did a great job.