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Godzilla Reboot Screens Terrifying New Footage At SXSW


Godzilla fans scanning the screening schedule at this year’s South By Southwest Film Festival had to realize that Tuesday had potential to deliver a double-feature of Kaiju goodies. The fest programmed a vintage screening of the 1954 Gojira -- the movie that started it all – for Tuesday. And reboot director Gareth Edwards was always scheduled to conduct a Q-and-A following the screening. How much would he reveal about this summer’s Godzilla film? And would he arrive in Austin with new footage tucked under his arm?

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TheHergulaX2690d ago

I can't wait for Godzilla, easily my most anticipated film of the year.

Crazay2689d ago

I'm really looking forward to it too. Looks awesome

TheHergulaX2689d ago

It is a special feeling when a monster that size hits the screen in a high-budget film. It is simply magnificent.

I still Remember the awesomeness of watching King Kong remake with Adrien Brody in the Cinema, it was electrifying.

Crazay2689d ago

I found Kong to be painfully boring. I think I may have issues with Jackson. I find everything (except for the Frighteners) to be too wordy and boring.

TheHergulaX2689d ago

I am a huge fan of a good script, that's the thing I guess... I value good writing. I'm an aspiring screenplay writer myself, so those moments with dialogue are always my favorite, even more-so than action scenes.

So you are telling me you found Lord of the Rings "wordy" and "boring"?

Crazay2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Yep...have yet to see a single one all the way through.

Don't get me wrong here, I value a well crafted story as much as the next guy...I just don't know what it is. LoTR had everything in it that I should love and appreciate. I just have not been able top get into it.

TheHergulaX2689d ago

Haha, man, you have to see LOTR, force yourself through it if you must, I did force myself through with Star Wards, and realized exactly why people loved it so much.

LOTR is the most well-crafter movie ever created, bar none. World class acting and storytelling at its finest, very few movies come close to LOTR.

aDDicteD2687d ago

i will definitely see this in imax 3d, this film is probably my second most anticipated film this year behind x men but i think godzilla would eventually have a higher rating than x men after watching both. i have high expectations based on the actors and the amazing trailer that came out.