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TVF Teen Wolf Review: Two Stiles Are Better Than One

There were a few big developments and a lot of strife on Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22, and it was the strife that threw me off just a bit.

Yes, there are things on Teen Wolf that elude me. If there was a reason for the flies getting into everyone other than strife, please enlighten me.

It did provide for some kick ass fight scenes and we saw Scott's girls taking down some fly-infused wolves side-by-side so it wasn't a waste, by any means. It just didn't provide us with much overall.

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alycakes2777d ago

I can't even read the review cause I don't want to know what happened until I see it today. I've been working on taxes and haven't had time for anything...but now I'm done so I'm going to try and catch up tonight.