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MediaStinger: "Has it really been seven years since 300 grossed nearly half a billion dollars, made millions of men feel fat, spawned copycats mimicking its brutal and then-novel slow-motion combat, and ignited the careers of Zack Snyder, Gerard Butler, and Michael Fassbender?"

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aDDicteD3066d ago

i would have rated it the same. 3.5 out of 5 is the just rating for this film. i was very entertained and i think the story is brilliant but it could have a higher score and would be as memorable as 300 if they did not do some minor flaws or added more stronger scenes.

themistocles could have been played by a better actor, having to film in a movie like this, i think the main actor wasted a very good opportunity to go the direction gerard butler did when he played his part passionately in the first.

eva green was definitely the stand out, the film would have been bad if it was not for her very strong performance. i already liked her as an actress before but after watching this film she is definitely one of my favorites.