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WASDuk-Loading James Gunn: Slither vs Guardians of the Galaxy

WASDuk's Chris Patton compares the 2006 horror gem, Slither to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. Both of which are directed by James Gunn:
"James Gunn jumped back into the spotlight a few weeks ago when the first trailer for Disney/Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy debuted. Let’s face it though, when new superheroes transition to the live-action mold the director is most often overlooked. Did you know that Game of Thrones guy, Alan Taylor, did the last Thor flick? Huh. Why did it suck so much?

Nonetheless, whether or not the jury on Rocket Raccoon and his team of loyal miscreants can impress die-hard comic fans or become another example of why comics should remain straight-to-DVD animated features is still out. Hopefully, and it is a long shot, Guardians of the Galaxy will be as fun as 2006′s Slither, which was written and produced by Mr. Gunn."

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CursedHero2590d ago

Do people remember Slither?

aDDicteD2584d ago

i remember renting it on dvd, it was an entertaining film eventhough it is low budget. i love watching horror films and i have a lot of favorites, slither might be in the middle bracket since it is not that good but it was not as bad as a lot of horror films.