Is This Leaked Image Our First Look At Ben Affleck As Batman?


Look, it's admittedly unlikely, but a blurry image of what appears to be Ben Affleck as Batman has surfaced and no one has of yet been able to identify where it may have originated from if it IS a manip. So, the only way to find out is if you guys know or if Warner Bros. ask us to take it down...

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CursedHero2104d ago

How is this at 160 degress with zero approvals? Geez.

mafiahajeri2104d ago

Weird isn't it, smells fishy... Or should I say CrazAy...

Vames2103d ago

I've seen these kind of things all the time on Techspy. Just tactics to get the story at the front. I don't know how they do it, but it works all the time.

mafiahajeri2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Probably a program that uses fake hits or something no way an article can reach that level of heat that fast. I've been around newsboiler for a while and not even n4g the most popular site out of the four gets heat that fast.

Spiewie 2103d ago

It's just a story that attracts attention not everyone is here to compete.

Vames2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

No, I don't believe that. There are two stories about the new Captain America clip pending right now. Obviously, one is there before the other.

The first one is by a guy name "huchonok", and his story is only 10 degrees with one approval. His story is way down the bottom.

Now, the second story is third from the top and the source is "comicbookmovie" by the same person who submits this article, "Crazay." Guess what? His story has over 100 degrees with no approvals. He has a second story at the top with over 100 degrees and no approvals linking back to the same source.

My question to you is this. If attraction is the reason for this, then why the first story about the same Captain America movie clip is just at 10 degrees? Why didn't it gain attention?

Look man, some unfairness is going on here and it needs to stop. The admins will be alerted of this misconduct ASAP.

mafiahajeri2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

What!? Stay here for a while and look at Crazays articles and you'll see what were talking about.

Not here to compete, hahaha be ignorant if you want...

Funny thing is he's no where to be found to comment he's usually here as soon as someone comments on his articles...

Crazay2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

@ Jeri and Vames

I'm happy to respond to people about movies and their thought. Debate or even hold a nice long conversation about the topic at hand - I just don't normally hold conversations with people who whine and cry. I mean...I guess I could always send along a virtual hug if it'll make you feel better. here you go...(((Hugs)))

Vames2103d ago

Look Mr Crazay sir. We all want to see great and interesting articles gaining heat and making it to the front of Filmwatch. But your articles are different, they gain 100 or more heat as soon as they go up for approval. The funny thing is, they have over 100 degrees and no approvals, so how do you explain that?

Either there's some behind the scenes agreement with newsboiler and yourself, or CBM, because it appears you are linked with the site; or you are using unfair means to get stories to the front.

We may find out, or we may not.

I have alerted the admins about this, and hope to get a response

Crazay2103d ago


Dude, I cherry pick posts I think are going to do well. SOmetimes I'm wrong others I'm right. Sometimes I pick ones that interest me and I want to talk about them but get no love on those.

Do what you feel you need to do - you're the one who comes off looking foolish.

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ironfist922103d ago

I feel like the short ears demasculate him

Defectiv3_Detectiv32103d ago

Looks more like a catwoman costume

Lord_Sloth2103d ago

It's not the size of the ship, it's the motion of the ocean!

Crazay2103d ago

I think they look sharp to be honest.

StarWarsFan2103d ago

Looks like a drawing, quite frankly.

CursedHero2103d ago

It is. This is lame, the fact that people just make s%^t up since there is zero news.

Ninjamonkey822103d ago

We have just got used to the longer eared Bat going back like this would be a sin.

rataranian2102d ago

Looks more like Cat Man.

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