Top 10 Best Asian Movies of 2000-2013

Chillopedia: Asia is the world’s largest continent both by population and by land area containing about 50 countries. So to pick just 10 of the best Asian movies of the last 13 years is a hell of a task and its highly likely that most of you will have different opinions on this list that we have compiled today. Before proceeding any further, let us share some things that we took into account while compiling data for this list; We aren’t taking into account any animated feature movies otherwise a couple or even more would have easily been included. Moreover, we’ve tried to take movies from as many different countries as possible (Middle East included) so that one particular cinema doesn’t dominate (we however do have multiple mentions in the honorable section country-wise).

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CursedHero2097d ago

Nice list, but Hero was, at best, crap, IMO. Old Boy is nice at #2 but it is too bad what the US did to it. So, overall, the list is like 10 movies Americans know about.

aDDicteD2093d ago

asian films are very underrated, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, raid: redemption, hero and oldboy were really very good films. i know there are a lot more to mention like battle royale, the ring, the grudge etc. i have yet to see the film a separation it must be really good if the article had it ahead of oldboy.