Miles Teller on What Appealed to Him About The Fantastic Four Reboot

IGN: IGN sat down with up-and-coming actor Miles Teller today to talk about his new movie Divergent, during which time we also got the chance to ask him about being recently cast as Mr. Fantastic in 20th Century Fox's reboot of The Fantastic Four.

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-Foxtrot2097d ago

You get a laugh out of this pretentious actors. Last time I checked the recent Marvel films along with Nolans Batman and even Man of Steel in some respect were great. Them too also happened to be "Hollywood actors in Halloween costumes" as this guy puts it. Now we're getting actors hardly one cares for making comic book films with absolute no respect for the source material?

Yeah, this will be amazing /s

No offence but he has a face you want to punch, like a pompous git.

Lord_Sloth2096d ago

Agreed. Aside from Kate Mara I'm not sure any of them can fill the roles they've been assigned.

I'll end up watching the DVD when my friend inevitably buys it but I won't spend money to see it.

Anthotis2096d ago


Wutang Torch aside, the comments from Teller about FF being "grounded" leave me with even less hope than before.

aDDicteD2091d ago

he looks too young for the role, as he will be partnered with kate mara, who is gorgeous but obviously looks older than him and i do not think they will have a good pairing charisma.

i never saw any movie of him as far as i remember, so i cannot judge him at any rate just his physical appearance. he looks nerdish but not dignified scientist like mr. fantastic.