Watch: Tom Hardy Is Behind The Wheel In New Trailer For 'Locke'

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How do you make a movie about a guy driving a car for an hour, talking on his cell phone, compelling? Well, you get Tom Hardy to lead and Steven Knight to write and direct it, and if you're lucky enough, you wind up with something like "Locke."

Minimal perhaps, but that doesn't make the drama any less potent for this one, following the trials of a single man on a drive from Birmingham to London, putting his life in order with nothing more than determination and a mobile. And while Hardy is the only one on screen, that doesn't mean the star wattage ends there, with Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Tom Holland, Bill Milner, Ben Daniels and Andrew Scott all lending their support in voice roles on the other end of the line. And it adds up to quite a package with our review calling it, "a very impressive film."

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alycakes2099d ago

I love Tom Hardy so I will be checking this movie out. He hasn't had anything come out lately and so I'm looking forward to seeing this.

Hergula2098d ago

Seems like a good flick, yet I am still unsure whether or not Tom Hardy will be able to pull off that role...

Drakesfortune2097d ago

Tom Hardy has the ability to pull of most roles.. he is that good of an actor. Along with Michael Fassbender and Leonard di caprio

Hergula2097d ago

I don't agree with that at all, Tom Hardy is not there yet acting skill wise, and even if he is, he has yet not proven it.

He is not even close to Michael Fassbender and Leonardo DiCaprio, not even close... not even in the same league...

Drakesfortune2097d ago

Hergula, Im guessing you havnt seen Bronson, The Take, Lawless, Warrior, Inception, Stuart: Life Backwards, Wuthering Heights etc...cause if you have then you would agree that this guy is a Phenomenal actor...Plus not many actors can use there eyes just portray emotion like Tom Hardy did with Bane.

Like i say he has the abilty to play most roles, his future roles show this is Playing Elton John then playing Mad Max..even rumours about him playing the next bond...

I guess Hollywood is just picking Hardy in various roles because he doesn't have the abilty to do so?

Hergula2095d ago

I never said that he was a bad actor, quite the contrary, I love his work and have seen most of the films you listed, of course not all. Yet what I am saying is that Leonardo for example, has proven that he is a great actor, playing in a number of different films, without a bad film in 12 years. No other actor can say that every film they have been in for around 10 years has been pretty great.

Tom Hardy is up-and-coming, he is not an elite actor yet, he still has ways to go to prove his worth in Hollywood. We as fans love him, I like him a lot, but I dont let my fanboyism get in the way of facts.

Hardy is just not there yet, I need more convincing before I can even mention Hardy and Leo in the same sentence when it comes to acting. But hey, that is just me.