Space Jam 2 and 5 Other Dreamy Sequels

We all know Space Jam is the an angelic piece of cinema in the pantheon of greats alongside The Godfather and Citizen Kane. With recent rumours of a sequel being in the works with LeBron James, we started thinking about the most dreamy and desirable sequels in the movie world! Have a look at our top 5 here and see what we want to see....

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Soldierone2101d ago

Am I the only one that really doesn't want Space Jam 2 to happen? The only player I can think of that I'd like in the role is Steve Nash because he has a friendly public appearance.

I don't watch basketball anymore, but I love Looney Tunes and seriously don't want to see this....

aDDicteD2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Space Jam 2 with lebron james will flop literally in the box office. if it does not, surely critics will burn it with negative reviews. i am not a lebron hater, in fact i like to watch his games but i do not think any player can do what jordan did with space jam, it was not a good film to watch now but it was ok because jordan was a favorite figure ever since. lebron as good as a player he is did not get that much respect like jordan did.

among the listed dreamy sequels....ghostbusters 3 is a film i wished happened but now will never happen.