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Can Neil Druckmann Make The Last of Us Movie Not Suck?

It has been reported that a The Last of Us movie will be in production. The best news to come out of the announcement is that Naughty Dog’s own Neil Druckmann will pen the script.

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TheHergulaX2780d ago

Negative way of looking at it when you say "not suck", yet I believe the potential for a good film is there.

Soldierone2779d ago

It'd be super hard to ruin this. The game, much like Metal gear, was pretty much a movie already. The only way it sucks is if Hollywood leaches on it and ruins it because "video games don't tell stories properly....."

aDDicteD2774d ago

the chances of a live movie adaptation beating out the video game movie is very small. the videogame was already like a movie itself, the tension and graphic cinematography in the background is way topnotch.

the film should have;
1. top notch actor playing the two leads, like hugh jackman and ellen page. supporting actors would also help.

2 top notch cinematography

3 adapted tension similar to some scenarios in the game and some originally new tension that was not in the game that would make it new and refreshing to the ones who already played the game.

4 make it have a one direction plot like the game did, make it not to complex by adding more sub stories within the film.