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For those that are unfamiliar with the story of Ip Man, The Grandmaster tells the tale of the well-respected martial artist who would one day be known as the man who trained the legendary Bruce Lee. But that is just one small facet of his life, and the film chooses mostly to focus on the relationship between Ip Man (Tony Leung) and Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi) over multiple decades. The Grandmaster documents the life of the Wing Chun master from the early 1930s in Foshan, to his time in Hong Kong during the Second Sino-Japanese War, up to when his martial arts school begins to find success. Director Wong Kar-Wai manages to strike a balance between action-packed fight sequences and softer moments, and captures some truly striking imagery throughout (such as the standout initial fight sequence pitting Ip Man against a dozen opponents in the pouring rain).

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Yi-Long2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I've seen this movie in Hong Kong last year, and it's a tremendous piece of art, that should have been nominated for Best Foreign Movie, and should have won Best Cinematography.

That said, this western release is of course completely butchered, and thus not worthy of a purchase. Anyone interested in this would be much better of importing the HK BluRay release, or finding another way to obtain an uncut version.

It's just terrible how often amazing Asian movies get completely DESTROYED by western publishers, for absolutely no good reason at all.

MetalArcade2107d ago

Interesting, I've heard that the international cut was a half hour longer, but I didn't know it was completely different. If I ever get a chance, I'll have to watch that version.