John Logan Gives Bond 24 Script Update

Empire got the chance to sit down with Bond 24 screenwriter John Logan this morning, and as you would expect us to do, we strapped him to a table and aimed a laser at his nether regions in order to extract as much information as we could. He was, naturally, reticent to divulge too much information, but did confirm a couple of details about the film’s progress.

“Right now the first draft is almost done,” he told us. “I’m terrifically excited about it! I’ve been working very closely with Sam (Mendes), and it’s been joyous to pick up from our work on Skyfall and just continue on with the storytelling. The new movie continues the themes of Skyfall. Some of the characters and themes that we began to introduce in Skyfall will play out, I hope successfully, in the next movie.”

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alycakes2100d ago

This will be good and I will be one to go see it. Skyfall was awesome and I saw it several time and it even made it as the movie chosen for dinner and a movie night at my house with my family.