CGM Reviews: Cheap Thrills

The best indie genre flicks are the ones that sneak up on you. A little movie that you throw on idly without much in the way of expectations that takes you on a ride you never imagined and leaves you gob smacked as the credits roll. Cheap Thrills is one such movie. Shot in 14 days, the miniscule production packs a punch that few movies ten times its size can muster. Indie horror veteran E.L. Katz delivers a directorial debut that toys with audience expectations from start to finish. He leads audiences down a road that they think they can predict, only to pull the rug out whenever possible and leave the audience in a battered daze. For someone with a sense of humor as sick as my own, it’s a brilliant dark comedy. For others, it will be a horrific thriller. Regardless, the flick isn’t one that you’ll easily shake off.

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