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The Walking Dead Season 04 Episode 12 “Still” Recap | GES | "What an emotional rollercoaster ride this week hey? Not a lot of zombie action though but still tough to watch in some parts. I’m still sticking to my point of view that if there is one thing that The Walking Dead excels at, its character building. Finally we got to know a bit more about Daryl Dixon and Beth showed us that she’s not that annoying little girl who tried to slit her wrists for attention in season 2. Episode 4.12 was the first episode ever to only feature two of the main cast for the entire episode, and I was reading the tweets and the Facebook posts earlier today so I was apprehensive about whether I was going to enjoy this episode. In the end, I really liked it and I really like how we are getting the whole vibe of these people being scattered in the woods, not knowing what happened to the rest of their group of survivors."

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