Robert Rodriguez on Returning to From Dusk Till Dawn


In the late-'90s, two hot names in independent cinema – Quentin Tarantino, fresh off of Pulp Fiction, and Robert Rodriguez of El Mariachi and Desperado – teamed up for the unconventional '96 horror film From Dusk Till Dawn. One part story of two thieves on the lam (played by George Clooney and Tarantino) and one part balls-to-the-wall vampire film, From Dusk Till Dawn, as a property, proved it had legs. Perhaps it was the story's cunning thieves, Seth and Richie Gecko, or perhaps it was the unapologetic and grotesque portrayal of the vampires (they sure ain't pretty). Whatever the case may be, it spawned two sequels, a comic book adaptation and a video game.

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Crazay2104d ago

Can't wait to check this out. It looks like it has some real potential

StarWarsFan2103d ago

Another vampire property. This took them a while to think up.

Bathyj2103d ago

That dance was mesmerising. Everyone in the cinema reacted pretty much like everyone in the crowd in the titty twister reacted. We sat mouths open silently.

I can believe that movies 18 years old.

000012103d ago

Yes! i love these films.