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Razzies 2014: Will & Jaden Smith Thrown Under Bus For 'After Earth'

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It's game day. The Academy Awards ceremony obviously takes place this evening and so, like clockwork, the ignominious folks that run the Razzie Awards have unveiled their list for the worst movies of the year. The biggest story this year is that the Razzie committee failed to award Adam Sandler anything. Odd, given how much the organization seems to loathe Sandler's many comedies. And oh yes, “Grown Ups 2” was nominated in several worst categories, but the Razzies saw fit to declare many other films as far more egregious in failure.

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alycakes2660d ago

Selections didn't surprise me.

-Foxtrot2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Well thats what you get Will for supporting your son who is a terrible actor.

Why doesn't he just get him into something he's good at instead of trying to get him good roles based on the "Smith" name

Will earned his way up the ladder for years and worked hard...Jaden hasn't done that