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Andrew Garfield Oscars No Show Baffles Fans

When the Academy announced the official list of presenters for the 2014 Oscars, Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield was on the list, but for some reason he didn't show.

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Soldierone2792d ago

Good thing I watched The Walking Dead instead then :P

StarWarsFan2791d ago

Meh, who really cares about him?

-Foxtrot2791d ago

Really can't wait until then get a new Peter Parker....Andrew did Toby in some ways.

I don't thinks there's been a full on good Spiderman/Peter Parker yet

WizzroSupreme2791d ago

Probably busy. Not like that's a headline in the movie biz. He was fine in the social network, but then again, that's only because Eisenberg was written as a robot comparably.