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Upcoming Dark and Gritty Santa Claus Film Could Herald a New Low for Hollywood

8CN: Even with the Oscars having just transpired, it seems that studios are already on the look out for what's going to be hot and new. Thus came about a bidding war yesterday between several studios over a spec script pertaining to "a revisionist look at the origins of Saint Nick and Christmas, mixed with Viking mythology." Yes, not only is that a real thing that could happen, but apparently studios are fighting over each other to get to make it.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32792d ago

As far as the article is concerned, there is nothing wrong with dark and gritty films, as long as they aren't over cynical or take themselves too seriously. I've seen plenty of light hearted and campy films that also fail miserably.

Not that I think that this movie is going to be all that serious. It reminds me of a little Norwegian film called Rare Exports where Santa Claus is a troll who kidnaps children. Also, some might call Bad Santa a dark and gritty movie but it was still funny as hell. Dark humour + Santa Claus = win or something. It's 2:00 in the morning I don't know what I'm saying.