The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Viral Page Gives Hint at Green Goblin and Electro’s Origins

CB: The Daily Bugle Tumblr, a viral marketing tool for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that has been giving very, very vaguely worded clues for a few months now, seems to have offered an explanation for just why Harry Osborn would willingly subject himself to his company’s testing when it’s been proven to be dangerous in the past.

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WizzroSupreme2108d ago

I'm going to say this now: There are TWO Green Goblins in this film. There's no way they'd leak these images and play their hand early making us believe Harry's the only player involved with this. Bet Norman and Harry both are transformed into Goblins; better yet, Harry's armored version is the prototype serum while Norman's is going to be the Ultimate version, hulked out and all.

Soldierone2108d ago

I hope Harry is Hob Goblin.