Noah Trailers To Include Disclaimer After Pressure From Religious Groups

Paramount Pictures will append a brief disclaimer to future trailers and TV spots for their upcoming Russell Crowe film Noah after religious groups objected to the film taking liberties with the source material.

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ajax172597d ago

I'm probably gonna skip this. As far as biblical movies go I'm much more interested in Exodus.

hazelamy2597d ago

are they complaining because the film is about god committing genocide against all but his chosen people.

that's in the bible, too bloody late to cover up that god is a genocidal maniac.

PSVita2597d ago

I don't think that's the problem....

It's probably because it's not biblically correct but who cares it's a movie. I don't remember anyone complaining about Evan almighty.

Lord_Sloth2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Because Evan wasn't in the bible last I checked so there was no source material. XXXP

Seriously though, I don't really care what they do with this movie as I won't be watching it. Not enough explosions for my ADHD.

Edit: And lookit the Athiest vs Christian gathering below! This is why I don't associate with either side in this argument. The Athiests say "Hurr durr I'm right!" and the Christians reply with "Hurr durr you're wrong!" and it never gets anywhere aside from pure hostility. If anybody actually respected each other's beliefs sure, it might get somewhere then but until that day comes have fun running in circles.

Bakkies2597d ago

I think it'll warn people of a plot hole. He decides to kill nearly everything on earth, because of the sinners. However... Never bothered to tell anyone what sin is.

Yahweh was like "I will kill you all because nearly nobody follows my arbitrary rules that I have never told you about. I'll give you Moses, The 10 Commandments, Jesus and The Bible later. But now just know, you guys aren't following any of rules I have never told you about. Adios!"

CyberCam2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

That's an interesting view of the account of the flood and bible. It's unfortunate it shows your biblical illiteracy.

God has always had a plan for mankind starting in the garden of eden. Lucifer, being jealous of man and the love that God had for man, decieved man into disobeying God, after God had warned them.

God declared war on Lucifer and told him that he will that the seed of Eve will redeem the mistake man made. From that day on, Lucifer has tried to do everything in his power to thwart God's plans to redeem man from their mistake.

So as man started populating the earth, Lucifer had a plan to breed out the blood line of man, meaning that his fallen angels, began to breed human females thus creating hybrids, half man & half supernatural fallen angel (like Goliath & his 4 brothers), which created many new races. Greek methology as well as hundreds of civilizations around the world have touched on this.

By the time Noah was mid way through his life, the earth was just about completely populated with these hybrids. This is the real reason why God destroyed the earth with the flood and not just because of sin (if sin was the only reason, the earth would have been destroyed many times over already).

The fallen angels didn't stop after the flood, they started right back up again after the flood. While the Isrealites were slaves in Egypt, Lucifer populated the land (Isreal) God promise Jacob & his seed, with hybrids again.

This was the reason God told Joshua to wipe out every man, woman & child in Isreal when taking over the land.

If you truly know the bible you would know that over the years Lucifer & his fallen angels have tried many times to wipeout God's choosen people the Isrealites & especially the bloodline of King David, right up to Jesus Christ and beyond up to Hitler. The attempt will reach it's peak at the battle of Armagedon, when the world, lead by the anti-christ will wipeout 2/3 of the Jewish population that remainds on this earth.

Many don't believe that there ever was a flood, but scientific proof has been found as well as proof in our very lanscape of the world. Not to mention that the ark was found, quite a while ago, but has been hushed up by the powers that are in control of this world.

It's funny how you and many others dispise the "arbitrary rules", that only teach/tell you to love your creator and all other humans that populate this earth. Not kill, steal, cheat, lie, nor abuse your body that was given to you.

Yep those are terrible rules alright. /s

I wonder how things would have turned out if people like Hitler followed these rules or the US government, that has killed millions of people all around the world (Japan, European countries, Korea, Vietnam, South American countries and the Middle East countries. As well as all of the dictatorships & countries of power all througout history.

Bimkoblerutso2597d ago

Yes, I am sure that is what they are complaining about, and your comment wasn't just a ridiculously transparent attempt to start an argument over religion.

bigrob9042597d ago

i like how you need a disclaimer for a fictional story, like are we really mentally living 2000 years ago? have we not evolved passed these stories? people it's a story about a god committing genocide and trying to act like it's a good thing. get over yourselves and just watch the movie.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32597d ago

If they try to whitewash the unicorns and gumdrop rainforests I for one am going to be pissed!

hazelamy2597d ago

i suspect they'll keep those for the directors cut. ^_^

cell9892597d ago

Atheists feel the need to impose their "superior thinking" so much so that any bible related news story has to be scrutinized by these trolls to reassure themselves what they believe is the truth and everything else is stupid, inferior and ludicrous. The irony!!!

If you disagree with the bible, great, keep it to your self and move on with your life, respect the decision of others.

Nicaragua2597d ago

so you are allowed to disagree with Atheists but Atheists aren't allowed to disagree with the bible?

yup, pretty much standard hypocritical religous bullshit.

cell9892597d ago

I just don't go arround boasting about my "superior intellect" all over the internet I clearly keep my believes to myself. Don't come in here being a pretentious d*** I never said it's wrong for them to disagree on anything, I said it's F-ed up that they have to bash anything bible as if it was a job their getting paid for. No one gives a $h!t about opinion and beliefs, just keep it to your self

blackmanone2597d ago

@Cell, I'd point out the hypocrisy in your posts, but by your replies it's quite clear you're not interested in the opinions of others; just your closed minded views on the world.

But in all seriousness. Why bring atheism into this post? Oh yes, because you didn't bother to read the article and assumed that it was those evil atheists. It was actually a Christian group, but again, I don't want to confuse you with things like "truth" and "common sense."

Baka-akaB2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

What would you call forcing a disclaimer on that "heathen movie" then ?

It's a blatant case of forcing and imposing a view .

"If you disagree with the bible, great, keep it to your self and move"

The majority of those people actually wish to do so . However they have to now be told what everyone , beleviers or otherwise , already knew , that it's a fiction's work , just to accomodate the feelings some fringe groups that dont even represent the whole of christianity .

JL2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Just so this is near the top, I'll comment here.

Please, keep it civil people and leave the animosity out of it. Or I'll have to close this down. This should not turn into a thread on religion full of bashing one another. That won't be tolerated. Either side.

Thank you.

alycakes2595d ago

I totally agree and it doesn't look like it's not stopping. There is no reason to get personally attack each other.

1nsomniac2596d ago Show
mogwaii2596d ago

But you see religion pokes its nose in many places it shouldn't, dictating how we should live our lives and keeping us from being truly free, those that do not believe in religion are being dictated by it so it's not that simple to just "keep it to yourself".
the day religion and its followers get out of my life, separating church and state, is the day i will "keep it to myself".

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