WWE Better Prepare For Rowdy Fans For Raw In Chicago

Fans attending Raw in Chicago next week are likely to be loud. WWE better prepare for the many chants that they will do throughout the whole night.

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aDDicteD2113d ago

does anyone know why cm punk left the wwe?

2pacalypsenow2113d ago

I think he was sick of working hard and still be in the shadows of Jon cena , Much like Stone cold , he literally saved the wwf from loosing to WCW and the Rock was still the Face of WWF cuz of hollywood. Stone cold also left in 2002 because he was told to loose so Brock lesnar could be the next star

Deadpool6162113d ago

CMPunk got everything he wanted really. He was the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time, tons of people bought his t-shirts, he got the Cult of Personality for entrance theme, and to top it off he's dated a majority of the top WWE Divas (currently dating AJ) He was on top of the world of wrestling.

What CMPunk didn't anticipate was how much additional work the WWE Champion had to do. The top wrestlers have to represent the company constantly and their free time is extremely limited. Given that he was wrestling nonstop ever since he started in the WWE(even before joining WWE), becoming the face of the company burned him out. At one point he didn't even talk during interviews.

He started worrying about his overall health and decided to give himself some time off to evaluate what was wrong with himself. That's pretty much what happening. I agree with his choice for leaving. If his physical or mental health is endanger, then it's best to give him time to recover. Going unchecked for so long can be dangerous and could cause a "Benoit" situation.

I know fans want what they want, but the simple fact is CMPunk doesn't want to be their right now.