The Lone Ranger Review | GES | "The Lone Ranger is a western with lots of hilarious moments, action packed and has a brilliant plot filled with several twists and turns. I had no clue what a huge fan base The Lone Ranger had, until I saw all the comics, merchandise, radio show and TV series since 1933. With little to no knowledge of the massive legacy that follows these two characters, throughout America and abroad, I wasn’t too eager to sit down for a two and a half hour Western, however this movie turned into something that I would advise anyone to watch."

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StarWarsFan2324d ago

This movie was grossly underrated upon release. I didn't catch it until Blu-ray and was shocked how great it was. It wasn't just that I thought it wasn't as bad as critics made it out to be, I genuinely thought it was awesome.

KingPin2322d ago

4/5..seriously? this movie was absolute junk.
the story was poor, the comedic elements were old. <we seen them done too many times in the pirates series that now its just old> kinda like retelling the same joke 3 years later.
the theme song is only for like 3 mins in the entire 2 hours.
johnny depps acting as tonto was layered <in a bad way>. it was more like johnny depp acting as captain jack sparrow who was acting as tonto. its tired.
after all that, what really disappointed me about the entire movie was that they even dissed his signature move. what the hell possessed them to do that. thats what makes the movie instead they turned it into a joke.
this movie was just poor all round. had they named it anything unrelated to the lone ranger it wouldve been average at best but the fact that its lone ranger makes it awful.

coolbeans2322d ago

I honestly despised this film.