The Nutty Professor 50th Annivesary Debuts On Blu-ray

Skewed and Reviewed have posted news from Warner Bros about the Jerry Lewis classic "The Nutty Professor" making its debut on Blu Ray.

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Garethvk2106d ago

This looks to be a great set for historians and collectors as well.

2pacalypsenow2106d ago

wheres eddy Murphy!!!! lol

3-4-52106d ago

Hey Reggie, it's good !

Garethvk2105d ago

If I was being mean, I would say giving a Tranny Hooker a ride home at 3 AM. If I was being nice I would say doing kids movies and hoping Beverly Hills Cop 4 finally happens and gives him a comeback.

Sitdown2105d ago

Or if you were being semi current... Shooting another musical that he would win best supporting actor for.