Epic Battles: Terminator VS. Robocop

GCE writes: "In our first Epic Battle, it’s one Cybernetic organism to rule them all. We try to answer the age old question: Who would win in a fight against the T-800 and Robocop?"

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krazykombatant2113d ago

pretty sure the t-800 would destroy robocop.

Tsuru2113d ago

Seems weird that this article comes out just before this video was planned to be released.

SpectreStatus2111d ago

Thanks for adding the link, I wasn't sure what the other comment was talking about until I saw the video. Thank you for sharing!

Defectiv3_Detectiv32113d ago

I think Robocop wins this one. He's part human, and humans will always have unpredictability on their side.

aDDicteD2112d ago

robocop wins. i just saw it on deathbattle, although i thought terminator would have won before the fight because i remembered robocop is very slow.