TVF Supernatural Review: Ghost Hunters

I wonder how talking to spirit Kevin would have worked if Dean had to have a pottery scene like Demi Moore in Ghost. Guess there would have been more clay.

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14 sent the Winchesters on a ghost mystery after Kevin returned asking for the brothers to find his mother.

And, yes, on Supernatural, dead doesn’t mean dead, but often a returning character can feel wasted (like Garth in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12) rather than poignant.

Thankfully, Kevin’s reappearance in flickering spiritual form was more meaningful than just a chance to see the AP student/prophet again.

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alycakes2112d ago

I'm happy for Cass and I'm as happy as I can be for Kevin. He has finally gotten a little closure and has gotten his mom back safe and sound and at least she knows now that he can't be hurt anymore or forced to do anything he doesn't want to do. Great one for the books.