Empire's Godzilla Cover Unveiled


Gareth Edwards' take on Toho's titanic monster is out in under three months - May 16, 2014, to be precise - but our equally hefty Godzilla issue is out tomorrow. Discover... the megazine!

Nearly 30 per cent larger than a regular-sized issue, the megazine is a very special collectors' item, measuring approximately 26cm widthways and 34cm lengthways. You'll be able to buy your own copy - provided you have a large enough bag, of course - tomorrow, Thursday February 27, at WHSmiths across the country (including Travel stores at railway stations, airports and the like), as well as the biggest 50 HMV stores in the UK.

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darklordzor2109d ago

Yep, yep yep. Oh yeah. Yep. I'm so pumped for this film, it's bordering on the ridiculous.

Crazay2109d ago

He looks pretty spectacular doesn't he? I'm also rather jacked for this one.

aDDicteD2109d ago

Godzilla's appearance now looks a lot better than the 1998 version and is very close to the original. i bet this film is going to be one of the best this year and will make room for sequels because of its success. it has good actors in it, it follows the original timeline in the 1950's, the CGI we have now is enough to make the film better overall. everything is in place and i think it has more reasons for it to be a success hit rather than a fail. i know a lot of fans are already excited to see this film.