'Man Of Steel 2' Lex Luthor Wish List Featured Tom Hanks; Adam Driver, Joaquin Phoenix

Tom Hanks was reportedly among the actors on Warner Bros.' short list for the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" sequel to "Man of Steel."

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-Foxtrot2115d ago

Oh my God...REALLY?

All of those seemed way better then Jesse Eisenberg

What the hell happened....did they think "Oh none of them will bring in a crowd" or "We can't promote the film with most of them"

vork772113d ago

Bryan Cranston would have been better for lex then these

aDDicteD2113d ago

i prefer joaquin phoenix over anyone on the list. in a close second would be bryan cranston who also looks good in the role. i dont think tom hanks will make a good lex luthor because of his good guy persona and his voice also does not fit well.

ironfist922109d ago

Jaoquin was amazing in Gladiator. He can definitey pull of a calm, intimidating demeanor, much like Lex.