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TVF The Walking Dead Review: A New Hope

With many of the new characters that run into the main cast of survivors on The Walking Dead, there’s always that gloomy possibility that we really shouldn’t get to know them because they probably won’t last long.

And they usually don’t.

But the advent of Sgt. Abraham Ford and his compadres, Eugene (a Kenny Powers fan, obviously) and Rosita (is she trying to be Lara Croft?) look to hopefully break that mold, if only for a little while.

Frankly, it’s just nice to have something fresh going on and the exciting possibility of heading somewhere new (even if by the end of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11, the characters decided to go back on a quick detour to help Glenn).

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alycakes2792d ago

Wasn't home so I didn't get to watch so I'll watch today. Can't wait.

Varzoth2792d ago

Sweet episode, it was pretty tense what Rick was dealing with.

ajax172792d ago

Great episode! All three storylines were great.