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The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Is Afraid They Are Going To Kill Off Daryl

During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael on Friday, Norman Reedus was asked by Kelly if he ever got afraid that his character was going to get killed off on The Walking Dead. “Every script,” replied Reedus. “They’ve made it very clear that no one’s safe on the show. But I’d be lying, we’d all be lying, if we didn’t say we got the scripts and thumbed to the end to see if we were alive.”

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SmielmaN2794d ago

They better not! Daryl is such a incredible character transformation. He's also like the "Wolverine" to Grimes's "Cyclops". Although Grimes is a lot more likeable character.

TheSaint2794d ago

I prefer Daryl to Rick, Rick is a bit wet at times.

Deku-Johnny2793d ago

He's like Wolverine apart the fact Daryl isn't the worst character in the Marvel Universe.

Crazyglues2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

I don't care what the writers say, there are two characters you can't kill-off, for no reason, if you do the show is dead...

Those two are Rick and Daryl, if either of them die the show is over, the ratings will power dive... they know this...

(Anyone else can die and it's fine we will go on and it will be sad or crazy but we the fans will move on and get over it) -But kill the main leads and you commit suicide, the show will die with them...

It can't survive their death, fans are too wrapped up with them.. As watchers of the show, you look to Rick to lead the group and to confirm why this is the way it is, and you look to Daryl to confirm why this still makes sense.. Rick makes you believe the world, with his outstanding acting - And Daryl is more beloved then any other character on the show so killing him would kill the show, some people would stop watching. He has become a star character that you look for to confirm you are indeed watching the walking dead. It's not the walking dead if Daryl or Rick die...

They can not die..

ajax172794d ago

They should never kill him off. He should definitely last the entire series.

Soldierone2794d ago

Only way he dies or Rick dies is if ratings slip. If that happens, one of them will go for sure to try and spark controversy. If it hits too hard, the show will just end right after.

ironfist922794d ago

Is this show about Zombies anymore?

m2stech2793d ago

Thats the point of the show, humans can be worst than zombies.

alycakes2788d ago

I think it's always been more about the people than zombies. More about how people would react and handle a zombie take over, what would you do? How would you treat other people? How far would one go to survive or would you just give up on living?

cell9892793d ago

He is only the most valuable character in the show

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