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So Someone Sent Us Leaked Avengers 2 Script Pages?


Not sure if this is the real deal or not, but someone sent us pages from a script reportedly from The Avengers 2.

We've received four pages with it said that the watermarks have been blacked out to protect the identity of whoever owns this version of the script.

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ajax172795d ago

I just don't care anyway. There's way too much Marvel in tv and movies lately. I need a break from it all.

Lord_Sloth2795d ago

It isn't even half of what comes out. They have 1 TV series and about 1 or 2 movies per year. Hardly an over-saturation.

ajax172795d ago

I guess it just feels like it here on filmwatch. It feels like every other news article is marvel related.

Ninte2795d ago

Lol so some receives a Leaked Script and decides to show the world. Who cares.

RetrospectRealm2795d ago

Seems fake. But still, pretty badass.

gigoran2793d ago

Were the spelling mistakes in the script or just in the retyping? If it was in the original, then that is a clear sign that's it's fake.

And honestly... there sure was a lot of Iron man for a movie that is supposed to be about a group of super heroes.