6 Directors Who Have Completely Lost Their Touch

Ah the fickle world of film. One day the God-like being known only as ‘Director’ is being worshiped and feted by critics and cinema-goers alike – the next their career and reputation has gone downhill faster than The Flash on Red Bull.

There are a number of once-great filmmakers whose star is most definitely on the wane. Here, WOW247's cinema buff Thomas Leaning looks at 6 very different directors who seem to have completely mis-placed their once mighty talent.

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RetrospectRealm2119d ago

George Lucas, Tim Burton, and Ridley Scott losing their touch is complete bull.

darklordzor2119d ago

Tim Burton for sure, isn't losing his touch. I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with George Lucas either. He's a solid director, but his ability to tell a story (the writing part) is where he's faltered.

Ridley Scott...I don't know. I'm kind of thinking he's losing it. I haven't been impressed by anything of his in a very long time.

ironfist922118d ago

Wouldnt agree with Ridley Scott, I still enjoy his films.

Tim Burton needs to go back to his gothic style quick.

TXIDarkAvenger2118d ago

I disagree. Star Wars I-III may not be better than the originals but they were still good especially episode 3.

MilkMan2118d ago

Ridley is off that list and Tim is off as well. The rest 100% Tim needs a little rest that's all, he hasn't made bomb after bomb to be considered for this list.
and Ridley after his brothers death only made the Counselor and that was a movie you either loved or hated, cause he stuck as close as possible to the source material.

Raccoon2118d ago

I actually really like the counselor and it left me wanting more.. would love see a sequel based on revenge.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32118d ago

Ridley Scott hasn't given us a truly great movie in sometime. Kingdom of Heaven dc is the closest he's gotten. Don't even get me started on Prometheus.

People actually like Tim Burton's recent output? Aside from the unnecessary remakes and some films that just downright misfired, he is definitely a director who is not living up to his earlier breakout films. Big Fish is the last movie he made that even came close to being great, although that was just merely decent.

And George Lucas is also deserving of a mention. The prequels were a disaster. He was more interested in using them as a showcase for special effects than actually giving us a story to care about. Not to mention his involvement in the debacle that was Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

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