TVF Criminal Minds Review: When Flowers Just Aren't Enough

I don't think it's possible to ever get used to the portrayal of the banality of evil often depicted on this show.

This episode chose to make it clear it via a bizarre dance scene between the husband and wife with the strains of "Feel Like Makin' Love" playing in the background. Gentle and vicious at the same time, Criminal Minds seems to excel at moments such as this.

The thing that nailed the believability factor was Reid's comparison of the Unsubs to a real life case involving a couple who murdered a number of women in Toronto, in what is known as the infamous "Scarborough Rapist" killings.

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alycakes2121d ago

I have to say they never stop surprising me with their stories as gruesome as they are sometimes they do tend to stick to subject matters that probably have to be dealt with in real life that we aren't aware of.