Best Bond Movies By Actor

What's your favorite Sean Connery James Bond film? Which Roger Moore 007 do you think was the best?

Sofakingnews got their favorite Bond films from each actor and put them together in one list, just so you can tell them how wrong they are!

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aDDicteD2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

the only bond actors i have watched was sean connery, pierce brosnan and daniel craig.

i agree with the recognition of goldfinger as connery's best bond film although i equally enjoyed his performance in thunderball and given a choice i would pick thunderball if i can choose one to buy in bluray.

as for pierce brosnan i totally disagree with the article and i think that his last outing was the weakest film among the four films he starred.

as for daniel craig i prefer casino royale being his best bond film by a very small margin ahead over skyfall which was also a very solid film and more entertaining plot wise.