Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Are A Power Couple In New Trailer For '22 Jump Street'

The Playlist:
Whenever a green band trailer arrives after the saltier red band version, you can feel the difference, with the safe-for-work cut largely devoid of everything that makes the movie special. That's not the case for "22 Jump Street." While red band trailer is certainly hilarious, it speaks to just how good this is looking that the safe for work cut will still leave you with a big dumb grin on your face.

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alycakes2116d ago

I didn't see the first one and I don't know that I'll see this one either until they come out on tv. I'm not a big Jonah Hill fan.

Excalibur2116d ago

The first one was utter trash, can't believe they made another one.

alycakes2116d ago

I figured as much considering the type of movies that I usually like. I do like a good comedy but this one just didn't appeal to me at all when I saw the trailers and clips.