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7.7 Review - Robocop

"I have a great fear, dear reader. A great fear that the new RoboCop film will become the next Dredd. I fear that it's a great action movie that's coming out in the doldrums of the movie season without a big enough marketing push and with a character that not enough people care about even though they should. A movie that deserves sequels, but won't get them because it doesn't make enough at the box office. " - Matthew Razak

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TwistedMetal2797d ago

this movie was pretty good. does everything better then the original robocop as far as action, being fast paced, and more deeper emotional stuff about being a robot and his family as well. the only thing the older movie did different was have stupid corny jokes, slower robocop, less good action, little kids swearing and being a bad guy which was dumb lol.