9.7 Review - The Raid 2: Berandal

"I will admit that I have not seen every movie that has ever been made. I have not seen every action film, martial arts film, or even all of the most revered of the action and martial arts films. I’ve seen my fair share, but there are gaps in my knowledge." - Alec Kubas-Meyer

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aDDicteD2111d ago

i am definitely looking forward to this film, the first one exceeded my expectations with a large margin. in the review i read it implies that this is the best action movie and i really believe it would be, after what i saw in the first film it was like the mortal kombat fight to the death i ever wanted to watch it was amazing, the plot was simple and they made the most out of it and what more with this project which i heard was the original concept they really wanted to do even before the first film was released, im sure this would be one of the best films this year that i would watch.