Will we see a Trilogy Like The Lord of the Ring Ever Again?

To say i am a fan of The Lord of the Rings is an understatement. The trilogy of films which were directed by Peter Jackson changed the way Fantasy as a genre is put on the big screen. To this date no fantasy film has won any academy awards, winning 11 academy awards in which it was nominated in all, tying it with Ben Hur and Titanic for most academy awards in history.

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Crazay2117d ago

hopefully not - those movies were too long and painfully boring.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32116d ago

Agreed. I understand that the books have a rabid fanbase and these films are like a wet dream to them, but it is just silly for people to compare them to something like Star Wars. The LoTR series was incredibly drawn out and over dramatic.

TylerValdal2116d ago

Can people please tell me what they see in the Star Wars trilogy? And it is no longer a Trilogy with the additions on the new films.. So when people tell me its the bets trilogy they completely forget about the 3 new films lol

Defectiv3_Detectiv32115d ago

Why certainly TylerValdal, I would love too! When you hear people talk about Star Wars' greatness, you usually hear them refer to the term 'pastiche'. The way that Lucas blends so many genres and elements to create a new and unique universe. Star Wars is a western, a crime film, a 50s serial, a Samurai movie, etc. etc. It's really ahead of its time and influential, not to mention how the series legitimized big budget special effects which had been absent from movies the decade prior.

LoTR on the other hand? Give me a break. The Fellowship, which is considered Jackson masterpiece(or at least the film with the most creative flourish) rips off Bakshi's animated version left and right. It's practically plagiarism. I would recommend that anybody who is a LoTR fan check out the animated version, the similarities are uncanny.

Generally speaking, I find the LoTR series to be overblown and hammy. Some of the effects are really bad, the humour is juvenile, and a lot of the action scenes, especially those that include legolas, are just ridiculous. I also don't care for the way ever film ends in a huge showdown, it feels monotonous after awhile.

iamnsuperman2115d ago

I really didn't enjoy them either. I found the films fairly boring and slow.

TylerValdal2117d ago

But there has never been a trilogy like that before or ever since

DarkBlood2116d ago

Sure hope so it was quite an adventure no pun intended

Epicent3r12492116d ago

Actually I would rather sit through 1000 viewings of the entire LoTR trilogy than 1 of Star Was. Personally I think LoTR story is better, more fleshed out, and better acted. Not picking on anybody, but I can't stand when people say that movies were too long. I look forward to long movies. As a whole I believe that movies are too short. They seem to be the same typical Hollywood rehash 90-110 min features that don't really get into the story and I have a hard time connecting or feeling anything at all when all I get is a 90 minute in my face story.

TylerValdal2115d ago

LOTR Has won Academy Awards .. Star Wars hasn't and lucas ruined that franchise with episode 1-3 ... The reason it is similar to the Bakshi is because its based of the same source the novels

Defectiv3_Detectiv32115d ago

That only goes so far's one thing to interpret a book, another when your shots are composed almost identically. The iconic shot of the hobbits cowering under the tree trunk - this was done almost identically to the animated version. There were a dozen different ways they could have filmed this.

Some scenes in the animated version that Jackson later remade weren't even in the book! The scene at the prancing pony, where the ring wraiths sneak up on the hobbits was never in the book. It was solely created for the animated version, than later thrown into the movie.

It goes beyond that even. The general look of the film, down to the costumes and set design is highly reminiscent of the cartoon. Rivendell is one of the most blatant examples of this.

It's one thing if Jackson is paying homage to the animated version, but his references are so persistent one can't help but get the feeling he is riding on the coattails of Bakshi. Frankly I was disappointed more than anything, I was looking forward to a fresh perspective on the Tolkien universe when I first sat down to watch this film.

KingPin2115d ago

LOTR won academy awards. star wars didnt. erm really? thats your basis for judging if a movie is good or not.

citizen kane (1941)
goodfellas (1993)
Apocolypse now (1979)
taxi driver (1976)
Saving private ryan (1998)
the dark knight (2008)
all have not won academy awards. and those are all classics.

then theres
Chicago (2002)
Shakespeare in Love (1998)
American Beauty (1999)
which all won academy awards and now you going to tell me chicago is better than saving private ryan?


aDDicteD2115d ago

as a whole Lord of the rings is the better film, regardless if it has won oscars and star wars did not.

academy awards trophies only shows that the film is superior and well deserving for that particular year. it does not prove you are better than any other films in the other years that were also nominated but did not win. because some years the competition is not as strong and some years the competition is really tough and even some nominees are better films than other oscar winners like pulp fiction, shawshank redemption etc.

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