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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Showing Muscles From Batman Vs. Superman Training

Actress Gal Gadot has posted a photo to her Facebook page showing off the muscles she is building during training for Batman vs. Superman. The model/actress has been cast in the role of Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, and many fans have complained that her build is too slight to play the Amazon princess. Gadot seems to be trying to change that opininon.

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-Foxtrot2806d ago

LOL...thats muscle

Yeah ok then Gal ¬¬

darklordzor2806d ago

You know what's really bugging me about this? All of the fanboy comments on various websites I've seen that have done nothing but say "she's got no boobs and shouldn't be Wonder Woman".

Seriously the amount of comments on her breast size is ridiculous and has nothing to do at all with whether or not she'll be good in the role.

It makes it tough for people to take the "We need more female superheroes in film" argument more seriously, when that's all people are talking about. It's fucked up.

Kurylo3d2806d ago

well honestly if u want to be accurate wonder woman has some big boobs. Shes also a sex symbol in her own right. To say lets remove the boobs is like saying lets remove humor from comedy.

darklordzor2805d ago

I can see that point to, but let's face it, Gal Gadot is a very attractive person regardless. So if it's just the sex symbol aspect people are worried about, I think that's covered.

Yi-Long2805d ago

I think the 'problem' is mainly that Wonder Woman is supposed to be this Amazon warrior, so she's BIG, but also still feminine. STRONG, yet sexy.

We've been 'índoctrinated' by years of visual imagery of what Wonder Woman looks like, and if you then cast a skinny small 'petite' girl in that role... well... not everyone will be able to make that switch in their head, between what they imagine/hope WW will look like in real life, and how she's depicted here.

The problem isn't that Gadot has small breasts. The problem is that most fans of the comics feel Wonder Woman doesn't.

Personally, while I like big breasts on pretty much everything, I don't really care that much about the whole issue here. But perhaps that's because I'm not all that 'hyped' about the movie anyway.

Kurylo3d2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

well yea.. wonderwoman in of itself is the cheesiest character ive ever heard of ... so .. theres that. lol

And yea way to skinny to be wonder woman.. needs some strength to her. Its nice to be pretty and petite.. but she looks like a damzel in distriss... not a warrior.

-Foxtrot2806d ago

I think the boobs are the last thing to worry about with Gal being WW

Main problem is that there is much better suited actors out there for the role.

She's only been in the Fast and Furious films and she's a horrible actor in that....a film where good acting is not needed she can't do a good job.

It just feels like WB went with a cheap choice...well the sexiest cheap choice they could find.

Spiewie 2805d ago

Who would you put forward for the role xD The movie will be awesome no matter what... I hope...

-Foxtrot2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )


Bridget Regan, Katee Sackhoff, Gina Carano, Adrianne Palicki etc....I could go on

Point is theres a lot of actors out there who could play the role better AND would look more of the part

Defectiv3_Detectiv32805d ago

Gina Carano? Terrible actor.

Katie Sackhoff? Much too old.

Bridget Regan? Never heard of her.

Adrianne Palicki? Totally wrong for the part.

Ryasha2805d ago

After casting her for the Wonder Woman pilot that never got picked up, Adrianne Palicki will probably never play the role again.

Deadpool6162805d ago

If only Lynn Collins was available...but she wasn't. http://barsoomia.files.word...

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Scrivlar2805d ago

Though I do agree with you completely that I'll judge her by her performance rather than looks, It does go both ways, there's a reason Henry Cavill got the Superman job instead of Danny De Vito for example.

Lord_Sloth2805d ago

Hmm...An improvement. Keep up the work and surprise us all, Gal!

ironfist922805d ago

You can pack on muscle but it still wont improve your acting.

DarkBlood2805d ago

It just seems like all around alot of people arent going to give her a damn chance to improve and immediately give her a bad rep base on what I assume the fast movies to be her only ones she starred in so far

from some opinions its either you act right the first time or bust

Deadpool6162805d ago

There's plans for a Wonder Woman movie later down the line and most people can't see her carrying a movie based on her previous performances. That's understandable, but that doesn't mean she's going to be terrible. I have my reservations about her portraying the role, but I also hope she does a good job. I do wish there were other actresses (that are better act acting) were available for the part, but given the situation I can only wish her the best.

Then again, I don't have a clue about what they're doing with Superman/Batman. It's clear that WB's plan isn't as thought out as Marvel Studio's. The fact that they moved the movie back to 2016 only proves they were rushing to take a dump on The Avengers at ComicCon last year.

Expectations are going to be very low until a trailer is shown.

DarkBlood2805d ago

Thats what I mean we don't know whats going to happen and I dont hold any expectations till I see the movie itself before deciding to send doomsday after it *no pun intended*

thanks for the reply

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