Why Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves To Finally Win An Oscar

You can’t go two minutes on the internet without memes of A-list celebrities being thrust into your face. And one such trend is now poking fun at the fact that arguably the greatest actor of our generation, Leonardo DiCaprio, has not and probably never will win a coveted Oscar.

WOW247's Thomas Leaning looks at the life and works of the star, and argues why he deserves to finally get his hands on that golden statuette.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32125d ago

He doesn't. There were better performances this year. I'm not saying he didn't deliver an Oscar worthy performance - that's why he was nominated, but the Oscars aren't a popularity contest. It's not a lifetime achievement award. There are plenty of actors who have been passed up for the award, but it just so happened that somebody gave a better performance that year. It's not so much that they were snubbed, they just have the misfortune of giving a great performance the year that somebody else was better than them. If Leo doesn't get an Oscar this year in no way would it be a 'snub'.

Hergula2124d ago

Well, I agree with you to a certain degree, but Leo is someone who does "deserve" an Oscar, although it might not be for this role. I would also like to see him win one, yet maybe not for this role, and I am ok with that. Although Personally, I did feel that he was the best leading man of the year. Personal opinion of course, but still.

ajax172125d ago

He won the golden globe. That's good enough.

Hergula2124d ago

For this role? Yes, but overall? Of course not.

aDDicteD2119d ago

i do not think he will win it this year because matthew mcconoughey will win it as he is the frontrunner in this coming oscar awards. leo might win it but the chances are slim because mcconoughey won previous awards eariler. between the two, leo have more noteworthy films and i think he is slightly better than mcconoughey in acting skills but the oscars go to the person who did the role better in a particular film in a particular year, so even if leo is more deserving overall it does not change the fact that he might not deserve it when it counts. maybe he will win sometime later and his door of opportunity is not close yet.