Film Franchise Reboot's Box Office So Far

Hollywood is a rash of reboots lately, it seems most studios are taking a chance on existing franchises in hopes of turning them into a profit.

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TylerValdal2120d ago

so what will be the next reboot?

ironfist922120d ago

With the 80's films nearly exhausted, probably time to start looking towards the 90's

Space Jam, Men in Black, live action Disney Renaissance films

Pogmathoin2118d ago

Dune, still with David Lynch style and Toto music!

TylerValdal2120d ago

if they roboted Space Jame id watch it 6 times

TylerValdal2120d ago

men in black could use a reboot

Captain Qwark 92119d ago

it just had a sequel not too long ago that was terrible. let it die

Porcelain_Chicken2118d ago

I heard not too long ago that Sony was planning to reboot the MIB franchise. No idea where. I heard Will Smith isn't coming back for a fourth so i guess that's the perfect time for a reboot.

Although it could have been a rumor. Take this with a grain of pepper or whatever.

Pillsbury12119d ago

Reboot resident evil and make it good.

Porcelain_Chicken2118d ago

^^^^^ This!!!

And this time Sony, please hire someone who won't f**k the very terrible director for more screen time.

BOOM! Roasted Jovovich & Anderson! Sue me.

Pillsbury12118d ago

There is so much potential, I imagine a 28 days later type movie but with real zombies and a story of paths intertwining.

Porcelain_Chicken2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I know right! I watch the 28 days/weeks movies or The Walking dead and it just freaking kills me!!! RE: Retribution was the stupidest zombie anything I've ever seen, the franchise has no goal, no plot, nothing that can be considered decent acting. It's basically "Hey let's see what kinda cooky sexual fantasy outfit can Paul W.S Anderson get Alice into... (RE: A short dress & black latex boots, RE2: fishnets, RE3: western get up, RE4: black straps, RE5: a latex/leather S&M outfit. Not even lying, those are her outfits through out the series) while she goes on one of her totally random super powered adventures". -_________-"

They managed to make the virus so realistic & believable in RE1 but totally sh*t on that concept when Alice turned into the friggin ant-christ and made people bleed out of their eye sockets by giving them a sinister look in the sequel. *FACEPALM* Haha I mean c'mon it friggin revives dead cells!! So she "bonded with it on a cellular level", ok. But I'd expect her to be immune to all diseases known to mankind, or regenerative "powers" because of it but Telekenisis??? Bleeding eye sockets? Jumping off gigantic prison & landing on your head? Fitting pennies into shotguns? Those powers are pushing it.

Oh and don't even get me started on how they cop out of every friggin cliffhanger in the franchise. Someone tell Mr. Anderson, that you pick up where you leave off if you end in a cliffhanger...

Defectiv3_Detectiv32118d ago


Also, is there really a difference between a reboot and a remake?

Porcelain_Chicken2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

They already are rebooting Terminator. It's called Terminator: Genesis. It's a straight to DVD movie.

As for a difference.

Remakes tell the same story with the same characters and it offers a new take on the story.

While a reboot, is re-doing it almost entirely - just keeping the same general plot.

Baka-akaB2118d ago

They need to leave terminator alone period . At least until a proven big name comes along to direct , for it to have a chance . Not every music video director smelling the money and following the tracks of Michael Bay , and especially not Michael Bay himself

Porcelain_Chicken2118d ago

Michael Bay is a genital wart on the c*ck of America.

5th bubble well wasted.