Beware the Batman Cancellation Confirmed; Season One,Part One DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday

Otaku Dome:

A sad day for Batman fans, Cartoon Network has indeed cancelled Beware the Batman it seems, remaining unaired episodes are coming to disc.

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Anthotis2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

It was pretty crap, and the strange 3D animation didn't help at all.

At least Arrow got a third season, though. #winning

Ninte2124d ago

How hard is it to give us a animation that they now was doing well and stick to it. Hint, hint "Young Justice" Yes Beware and the batman animation wasn't great for some but I didn't mind the different style but a lot of people prefer what WB has been giving us lately "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox animation,

ironfist922124d ago

We wanted Green Lantern TAS and Young Justice, yet they cancel those and give us this and that Teen Titan Go crap, of course cancellation was inevitable.


maniacmayhem2124d ago

Time for WB to leave CN behind. While Disney is knocking it out the park with marvel animation on XD, DC is struggling just to complete one damn season.

I say DC goes to Netflix. Netflix is starving for some original shows and we would be guaranteed seasons.

Bring back GL:TAS and the superior Young Justice, CN can keep that crap Titans Go.

ironfist922124d ago

Its ironic how the Animated films DC produces are far superior, even surpassing live action films, yet they cant seem to secure a steady high quality animated series.

RetrospectRealm2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Marvel Animation sucks on XD sucks. What are you talking about?

maniacmayhem2124d ago

They last longer than any on CN which is my point. In your opinion the Marvel Animation might suck but at least they're on their 4th or 5th season. Can't say the same for YJ, GL or this new Batman now can we.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32123d ago

Not a big fan of Marvel Animation myself. It's mostly tween crap. That's the problem with Cartoon Network, the tween demo is more concerned with tasteless and crude humor than they are interesting narratives. It's a shame, I might be aging myself here a bit but I still have fond memories of watching Batman TAS as a tweener - that was a damn fine show.

Also, Netflix has already made an exclusive deal with Marvel to adapt some of their properties into live action shows so I doubt a DC deal is likely.

calis2123d ago

CN animation relies on the cartoons to generate toy sales. If they don't, they stop the show (ie. Young Justice).

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Soldierone2124d ago

I don't think its the shows thats the problem, I think its Cartoon Network. They are trying to bring in low budget shows and get high ratings, neither of which these shows provide.

Young justice was doing fine, still cancelled and replaced with stoner crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.