8 Great Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin Off

With Vince Gilligan’s meth masterpiece Breaking Bad ending last year, the news that new spin-off Better Call Saul is in production came as a welcome boon to fans.

But there are plenty more supporting characters who should get their own time to shine. WOW247's Thomas Leaning takes a look at some complex and compelling supporting figures from television and cinema who warrant their very own spin-off.

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shodan742127d ago

Definitely think Randy could carry his own show. Most of my favourite South Park episodes from the past five years or so have revolved around the guy.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32127d ago

Totally agree. Randy has become the highlight of the show.

Mr_cheese2127d ago

Clicked because I saw Randy, the man is a genius.

"I'm sorry, I thought this was America"

ajax172127d ago

A show about Randy in the 1970's would be amazing.

Bob Dole2126d ago

It's doubtful they'd do another show. Maybe a couple "spin-off" episodes like Butter's very own episode, or Pip's Great Expectations.

Deku-Johnny2126d ago

I believe a show about Randy would be better than South Park itself.