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Marvel's Phase 3 Plans Unveiled


Hello Schmoeville!
And have I got some juicy tid-bits for you all, my dear, dear friends out there in Schmoeville! We here at Schmoes Know pride ourselves on our sources and our relationships with said sources. We also respect the hell out of the movie industry and the people involved so when the rumors and news swirl into a fever pitch each and every day, even the casual geek’s head can explode. We here at Schmoes Know don’t like ‘sploding heads… so we try and make sense of all the news when we can.

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RetrospectRealm2648d ago

I don't trust anything the Schmoes say anymore. After that Star Wars Episode VII stunt they pulled not too long ago, and I even called them out for it and got a very nasty response, I don't even care what they have to say.

KingPin2648d ago

great, just what we need, more mediocre comic book movies.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32647d ago

We pretty much know what the phase 3 films will be. It will be interesting to see what they do with Iron Man (is RDJ coming back?) and what they are doing on the TV front (Marvel is supposed to be producing shows for Netflix).

RetrospectRealm2647d ago

RDJ already signed on for Avengers 3.

Deku-Johnny2647d ago

Deciding what gets a sequel and what doesn't is based almost solely on how much money it makes the studio. I guess we'll have to wait till Autumn and see if Guardians soars like a leaf on the wind.

hazelamy2647d ago

it'll be interesting to see how they handle real magic in the cinematic universe.

so far it's been mostly science based, even the Asgardians are just a long lived, powerful and technically advanced race.
though Thor's hammer does seem to still have some sort of mystical element to it where only those worthy are able to wield it.

Stark's reaction should be interesting.
look at his reaction to discovering there are aliens, what will the discovery that magic is real do to him?

Baka-akaB2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

in the Marvel universe , it is often ignored , refused and discarded by Marvel scientists denizens , because it usually requires more than knowledge and training , an inborn talent toward magic - inborn natural magical capacity . Something they can only accept if from a powerset born of some science origins based mutation of acquired power .

Still even in those comics , there are some stories where Magic is rationalized , especially by still skeptics like Reed Richards , or even somewhat shown to be , as mostly undiscovered , and differently codified par of science . Hell Hank Pym was able to negate Loki's magic showing that magic is purely energy.

I could see the Marvel cinematic universe just pretend that , that magic is just "yet unexplained science" and unknown tools from different advances civilisations , while allowing users to keep their "faith" about its plain mystic origins .

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